Mt. Maruyog Farm and Garden Resort

Location: Brgy. Tubtub, Brooke’s Point, Palawan
Date: 27 January 2016


Staying in Brooke’s Point, Palawan and being away from the city, it is surprising that there is a good restaurant here to eat at, and a place to stay for a while. It is a nature park nestled in the footstep of Mt. Maruyog, giving a panoramic vista of Mt. Maruyog’s Adison peak. Never miss to eat their specialty the Botong, It is a Chicken soup out of buko juice served on its shell. How it looks is the same as inviting and mouth-watering and definitely delicious as well.

Their service was also accommodating, and that will make you feel like you are a regular customer of their’s, the smile on their faces is contagious enough to make you smile back.

This is the best nature themed restaurant I’ve been to.They have tree houses that everyone can climb up to enjoy the panorama of the park. True to itself this is really the Pride of Southern Palawan. They also offer accommodation rooms, I haven’t tried it but definitely when I get back or rather set up a tent on their picturesque park.



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