Sabsaban Falls: A Hidden Palawan Jewel

Sabsaban Falls is a hidden jewel in the Island of Palawan. Located in Municipality of Brooke’s Point, home of the largest pearl ever found.

From Brooke’s Point town proper it is readily accessible with a tricycle. Located around 15 kilometers, a ride may last up to 30 minutes through uncemented road. As for me I chose to be dropped-off to Sitio Cabar in Barangay Aribungos. I then started a 30-minute trek for the waterfall. I passed through coconut farms, a small stream, and small farms of the locals known as Nitivos This route is not available for tricycles but definitely more enchanting. The traverse offers you to hear the birds singing and the rustling of the leaves coming from centenarian old trees, sounds that can be easily masked by engine noise. Truly an orchestra straight from the bosom of Mother Nature.


Sabsaban Falls boasts its natural beauty. The cold rushing waters and its roar can be heard throughout the area. Its translucent emerald-green waters is truly ensnaring, and the Nitivos themselves who protects the area are very cordial and accommodating.

You may also climb through the age-old rocks going up the falls and discover a pool surrounded by canyons of weather-carved rocks and boulders. My friends told me that there is but a few travelers who managed to be in this area.


There is also a hillside which you can climb that overlooks a part of Brooke’s Point. From the hillside,  the panoramic view of the sky blends well to the horizon of the turquoise Palawan seas at the distance. What’s more? The luscious green forests and coconut treetops blends to its beauty so perfectly. A magnificent view on can say.

Sabsaban Falls is truly a piece of gem in this paradise. The place captivated me from my first visit early 2012. This visit reminded me of the great memories that transpired here. The friends I’ve made, the lives that touched me, the great families that welcomed me as their own. This is one of the places in the world where I am willing to leave a part of my heart. A place worth coming back again and again and again.

How to Get Here:

Take a RORO Bus from Puerto Princesa Terminal that costs Php 190.00, travel time would be up to 4 hours. Another option is a shuttle fare will be about Php 250.00 and travel time will last up to 3.5 hours.

From Brooke’s Point town proper to Sabsaban Falls a tricycle may be hired for Php 100.00 but it can take up to 5 individuals.


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