Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time.

When outdoors be sensitive, always keep in mind, in heart as well as to keep in practice the Traveler’s Code. Wherever you may be; in mountains, beach, caves, waterfalls, rivers, in fields, anywhere you seek for an adventure, Leaving no trace must be our utmost priority and personal responsibility.

Basic Things to Keep in Mind:

 -Mind your garbage

“A can’s best way out is the way it came in, in a pack”

  • Whatever you brought in must be brought out. It doesn’t matter if it is biodegradable or not. This is a moral obligation and to fail is a crime for nature.
  • Please do pick up trash when you see one even if it is not yours and dispose it properly. It always feels good to do a good deed everyday.

-Care for the Wildlife

  • Do not pick flowers or leaves for souvenirs. Just smell it and enjoy the sight of it. A photograph will always be enough.
  • Be careful around animals, we are just visitors on their home. Most snakes and wild animals just leave when not being provoked or harmed.
  • Do not vandalize on trees, rocks, walls, cliffs, anywhere. We don’t need to know that you’ve been there or how much you love your partner.
  • When diving or swimming please don’t step on corals.
  • Do not feed wildlife with the food you brought. We never know if it will be harmful for them.

-Camping Etiquette

  • Never dig ditches around tents. Ditches badly scars the landscape. Pitch your tent properly on an elevated area to avoid the need for digging ditches when rain is expected.
  • Gather every equipment used. Never leave a single hint that someone’s been there.

-No to Campfire

  • Setting campfires not only gives risks of forest fires but it also damages the topsoil and leave a scar on the ground.
  • Dress properly, having enough insulation of clothing eliminates the use for open fire.
  • Use portable stoves for cooking and use lanterns and flashlight for light source.
  • If in emergency and in dire need of open flame, emulate a true outdoorsman. The fire must be setted on a slab of stone or a metal plate, it must be small, only enough for one’s need. Remember to fully extinguish the fire and embers before leaving.

-Take care of Man-made Attractions

  • Be considerate of the place. Mind the culture and practice the custom that prevails on the location.
  • Know your limit. Follow the rules. Don’t step on solar panels of our lighthouses. Lighthouses are built to guide our fishermen at sea and not built for a tourist to take their most awesome selfie.
  • Don’t be stupid. Never give in to peer-pressure to do something that’s inappropriate. Exercise control and think before you act.

The bottomline is to give proper respect. As fellow travelers let us not be a burden to the locals and be an example to the ones following us, this way they can enjoy the trail the same way we did. Leaving no trace is the law of traveling. Now that you learned a thing or two, share it with your friends who plans or loves traveling for they need to know too. Keep safe, enjoy our universe at the same time being its guardian.


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