A Smile Without a Mask: Ensign Mountaineers Outreach Season 1

The bells are ringing, lights flicker, gifts are wrapped, the breeze blows chill. The poinsettias are blooming, Christmas is really coming. The cities were all adorned to welcome the season, but a question lingers, How about those that  are on the outskirts of town? What is Christmas for them?


It was an opportunity to join the outreach event of Ensign Mountaineers to the children of Brgy. Tinipak, Tanay Rizal.

Christmas doesn’t come on gifts, Christmas cannot be received, it is a season of giving. The smile that you see in a child’s face makes me wonder what would it be like to be one of the Wise Men who saw a the smiling face of the Child born on a manger to be our Savior and Redeemer? I cannot imagine but with the children of Brgy. Tinipak atleast I believe that I was given a glimpse of it, and in addition I gained new found friends whose hearts are bigger than they were.

Thank you Ensign Mountaineers, it was a good day spent, I am grateful that I came to know all of you.



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