Mt. Kalisungan: My Spontaneous Weekend Hike

I want to hike, the urge is real, one problem-where are we going? Its a good thing to have a friend whom you could just drag out of nowhere going somewhere. Initially Frank and I planned to hike Mt. Sipit-Ulang but to no avail since I still don’t know how to prepare itineraries and how to get there as well. What I did was to open a browser and search for possible mountains we can climb that weekend which is not crowded and at the same time near Metro Manila.


After an hour of browsing I got an idea to find mountains in Laguna and that’s the time I found a destination, the next thing we know we are on a jeepney bound for LRT Buendia then boarded a bus for Calauan, Laguna. We even got lost on our way but it added to the thrill of adventure.


We are the 2 out of the 4 who visited the mountain that day, so talking about having the trail for ourselves is really as good as it sounds. The climb was good I was challenged especially that this this my first hike this year and its been a while since my last hike. The trail was beautiful, the vegetation is relatively thick which gives the trek easier without the intense heat from the sun. One can also enjoy the moss, creeping insects and just the feeling of being in a jungle.


The final assault to the summit was actually the hardest part as it is a 45°-50° incline and it is a cogon-covered summit. Be extra careful as their leaves can cause paper-cuts. The steep ascent is totally worth it once you reached the summit where the wind is cool and the view over several lakes are clear.


Hiking a mountain is not an easy task as they all have a surprise of their own. The reason why I love to hike is that they make me know myself more they give silent lessons, they make you a better person. The mountaineer’s creed is Leave no Trace, yet I believe that every mountain that we will hike, every trek we will attempt the mountain will always leave a trace in our hearts, in our existence.

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