Dingalan: The Eastern Treasure

Dingalan, Aurora; dubbed for being Batanes of the East. One may compare the natural aesthetics of Dingalan to that of Batanes. its massive Pacific Ocean that faces its waves to the cliff walls, the lighthouse, the mountains which cliffs surges down back to the sea.

My Dingalan Experience

Driving for 5 hours from Cubao while being at the backseat of the van; I was able to enjoy the Milky Way that shines over us as we travel through the night. 5:45 am we finally reached Dingalan Feeder Port and we started a day full of adventure of what Dingalan has to offer. Now let me take you there through my story and give you a step closer to this eastern treasure. The day starts young in this community of fishermen, while I have a bag on my back they have sacks full of merchandise starting a new day ahead of most of us.


Tanawan Falls


One of the must visit places in Dingalan is the Tanawan Falls. I’m actually out of words on how to describe her since I don’t want to understate her simple beauty, it would have been a crime if I do so. The rushing waters of the falls is so cool that it is so inviting to take a swim. The weathered smooth boulders are such a beauty to see.


Dingalan Viewpoint and Lighthouse View Deck


Dingalan Aurora became a major tourist attraction because of this place. It is reachable with a boat or one may choose to trek through the boulder and rocks filled beach. Upon reaching the beach we need to hike to reach the mountain viewpoint. The trail is muddy and slippery which makes it a little bit of a challenge, ropes are installed to help during the trek. Dinaglan4.jpg

The hike may be challenging but the reward awaits at the end of the trail. The cool blows of the Pacific wind welcomes its guest and gives a relief to the rim, it gives back ten-fold of the effort given.


The lighthouse serves as a gentle reminder that life is a give and take process, respect begets respect. It has been closed to public because of reports of vandalism as well as hazardous attempts to capture an instagram-worthy picture. So much as it gives light to a sailor, it also stands as a reminder that one must show the light each of us have in our hearts. This trip for me is one for my books, it is a day well spent to experience a raw beauty, so simple, so grand, so significant.


The Story of Honesty I Experienced

While buying my souvenir I lost my camera, I only noticed it when I went back to the van and try to delete some photos to save up some space. I was actually scared that I will never have it back, but I was wrong it is not only the people of Batanes who possesses honesty in their hearts but the people of Dingalan as well. My camera was returned with no hassle at all.


Batanes of the East? you decide because personally, I am a person who seeks and encourage having an own identity and for me Dingalan should remain as Dingalan. It may look alike or feel like Batanes  but it should be known for its own unique characteristics and enigma. For Dingalan will always be Dingalan of Aurora.


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