Philippines Missionary Training Center Open House

The weather was fair, the breeze was blowing so gently but for reasons I do not know my heart is pounding louder than what the nearby cars slithering through the busy traffic. Youth that ranges 19 or 21 onwards gathered from different countries filed in the entrance door; waiting for their surnames to be called being preceded by either Elder or Sister as a title; then as soon as 7:00 am struck the doors finally opened.IMG_1122There are certain places in this world where you can learn more about your purpose in life. Places designated to give you inspiration, places to learn, places to be inspired; for me one of them was the Philippines Missionary Training Center where I spent 17 days from 27 Dec 2011 to 13 January 2012. This is the place where I prepared for my 2 years of service to Philippines Manila Mission and Philippines Cavite Mission.IMG_1148.jpgNever did I expected that I would enter the same premises again, to visit the rooms where we used to slept, to see the beds where we silently wept knowing that our life is now forever changed and by so doing we are to bear our witness so others can be changed as well.IMG_1143.jpgThe tour started and the nostalgia kicked-in, the feeling is overwhelming and I just succumb to a silent prayer to give thanks that once again I’m here. We started by going to the gymnasium where Audio-Visual exhibits are played and a small presentation of what life is inside an MTC and a huge posters giving impression of what life is in the field. IMG_1150.jpgNext stop is the laundry area, I can vividly remember what the instructions are and that is to separate the whites from the colored ones. living quarter.jpgWe then visited the living quarters and now I am just teary finding it hard to contain myself but I moved on. Though it was only 17 days that I stayed on a room like this I find it very memorable. It was on the room like this that I gave my prayers with an intent not only to speak to my Heavenly Father but to eagerly listen as well. It is hard to express maybe because it is really personal in nature. Rooms like this also provided a place where my fellow missionaries can share stories of home not to mention their longing but also the hope that everything will be well once we return home. barber.jpgThere are also features that were not available before like a mails section, before we just give it at the front desk and your mail is good to go. A barber’s room I say or a haircut room, I remember when I got my haircut back then it was just on a small room and a mirror was placed on the wall and the barber then buzzed my head accordingly to the standards. Needless to say the facility is now well equipped and ready to accommodate more missionaries. A storage with materials in different languages proves it to be true.teaching hall.jpgWe came here to learn, and the Training Rooms and Teaching Areas are probably the most memorable among all since this is where we learned and where we practiced how to teach effectively. I will be forever grateful to my MTC teachers since they gave everything they had to pass their knowledge to us. giving us confidence that whatever lies ahead we will be guided by the Savior who called us to this A Great and Marvelous Work.exit.jpgThe tour then adjourned the flags are waving and the temple was lit across the street. After memories revisited, and a sense of longing back for those days were reignited; when we still wear the nametags placed exactly over our hearts and doing so I recalled that very first day when the weather was fair, the breeze was blowing so gently but for reasons I do not know my heart is pounding louder than what the nearby cars slithering through the busy traffic and when 7:00 am struck door opened and waited for my turned being called. A voice then reached my ears calling me as Elder Morales and a nametag was placed just over my chest.tags.jpg I realized today that the nametags were never gone. We may be released already from our calling but not in spirit. The badge is forever painted in our hearts and being a missionary is never became just a memory because we are all still are. Once a missionary will always be a missionary in one way or another. I am grateful that once in my life I served without condition, I am grateful that I served my mission. I am grateful that I am part of Philippines Missionary Training Center Batch 528. The first batch to utilize the MTC that you see standing today.MTC 528.jpg




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