Albay: Chasing Mayon Volcano

When you say “Bicol” two things comes to mind, one is chili pepper and the other one will be the perfect cone of Mt. Mayon.


Rising 2462 MASL Mt. Mayon is the highest point in the whole Bicol Region and is the most active volcano in the Philippines with its 51 recorded volcanic activity. Its most recent activity happened in September 18, 2014 but its most destructive eruption happened in 1 February 1814 when it claimed around 1200 lives and affected almost half of Albay and caused the destruction of now known as Cagsawa Ruins.


Mt. Mayon is often shy hiding its perfect cone beneath clouds all day long. As for my trip I waited 4 days for the skies to clear and to see her standing beautiful and proud.The name Mayon was actually derived from the local word Magayon which means beautiful.


The eruptions of the volcano is definitely terrifying and its activity being the main reason why the volcano is closed for hiking. though its activity claims lives it also makes the land fertile for farmers to have their livelihood.

Cagsawa Ruins of Daraga, Albay


The ruins of Cagsawa now serves as a major tourist attraction where one can see the volcano from a distance. Early morning is the best time to visit the park since clouds are not yet formed to hide the cone of Mayon Volcano. Its sits just along the highway in Daraga, Albay and don’t forget to try the sili (Chili Pepper) ice cream. I tried the Mango-Chili Ice Cream and it is really good, it has the mango flavor on your mouth as it melts and once you swallow it what remains is the hotness of the chili pepper.


Camalig, Albay and the timeless Pinangat


When in Albay trying Pinangat is a must! It is a dish made from fresh taro leaves, chili, pork or dried fish; spiced with onion, garlic, ginger and smothered with coconut milk  and secured with a coconut leaf. Another version of it is Inolukan the only difference is that Inolukan has young coconut meat with chopped fresh water crabs in the center. I highly recommend Let’s Pinangat just along the highway in Camalig.

Bicol Region is really rich in natural resources and it is really a delight to spend a vacation here the natural mountain formations, the fresh air and of course the food and delicacies of Bicol. Being my home region I will definitely explore more of the province and give an update to this blog.

Please drop a message or leave a comment to suggest places to visit in Albay.


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